How to Enhance Your M&A Strategy Using Social Data


Hunting for that competitive edge to enhance your M&A strategy? Social data is a powerful alternative data source that can help you find and make better deals. 

In this webinar Sarah Zieman, Dir. of Strategy & Corporate Development at PDC Brands, and Social Standards analyst Kevin Koenitzer share how PDC Brands is leveraging social data as a vital input to their M&A strategy.

You’ll learn how social data can be used to: 

  • Inform category-level evaluation, revealing a category’s performance within the market and how it has evolved over time.
  • Save time and resources by helping you to identify and narrow down your list of acquisition targets before formal outreach.
  • Identify tertiary categories for expansion, based on the other products and values consumers are talking about.


Kevin Koenitzer
Data Analytics & Customer Success Manager
Social Standards
Sarah Zieman
Director of Strategy & Corporate Development
PDC Brands