Social Standards in the News: Mar 2020

CNN RothysMedia outlets from CNN to NRF tapped Social Standards data for the latest consumer insights in Fashion, Beauty, and Beverage Alcohol.


ROTHY'S NEW Product line

Rothy's is expanding its product line with a new accessory: handbags. CNN turned to Social Standards for data on consumer perceptions about the brand. We found that the brand's focus on recycling resonates with consumers, who associate Rothy's with both sustainability and comfort.

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2020 Beauty Trends

The National Retail Foundation used our data for an article on what's hot and what's not according to consumers on Instagram.

Their take: "Streamlining is good and multi-step beauty routines are out of touch...customers are looking for multifunctional ingredients and lasting looks."

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Brewbound SuperBowlBrewbound

Beer Tops at Super Bowl LIV

It's no surprise that beer is big at the Super Bowl. However, consumer interest in underdog hard seltzer showed massive growth this year.

"White Claw was the third most talked-about brand in relation to the Big Game, following Budweiser and Hennessy," said Devon Bergman, Social Standards CEO and co-founder.

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A look inside the fashion industry

In a rollup of recent reports on the fashion industry, Brinkwire drew upon Social Standards data around growing consumer interest in sustainable apparel. 

"Consumers want clothes that don't harm the planet, are plastic-free, produce zero waste, and that are reusable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly."

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