Social Standards in the News: Feb 2020

Screenshot of a GCI articleFrom Beauty and Beverage Alcohol trends to the rise of CBG (that's cannabigerol for those not in the know), Social Standards' data got plenty of press this February.

Global Cosmetic Industry

What to expect in 2020: treatments, ingredients and Makeup

GCI featured our analysis of the Beauty market, which shows that semi-permanent treatments are creating consumer buzz.

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Brewers Journal

Trend or Fad - KNow Where you Stand

In their look at the changing BevAl landscape, Brewers Journal turned to our recent craft beer and BevAl trends reports to get the lay of the land. 

According to Brewers Journal, Social Standards' focus on social data is what "makes them different from the majority of market research companies that use Boolean queries, panels, and in too many cases a suspected dartboard to come up with figures." 

While we wouldn't accuse the competition of using a dartboard, we definitely degree with The Brewers Journal's conclusion that "big changes are under way in alcoholic beverages."

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Screenshot of a BevNET articleBevNET

Hemp horizons: Socati's private label targets minor cannabinoids

CBD isn't the only cannabinoid hitting the big time. BevNET used our data to explore consumer interest in CBG (cannabigerol), noting that it "may be more closely associated with medicinal use than recreational."

In contrast, CBN (cannabinol) hasn't yet generated enough consumer interest to yield meaningful data. However, with brands like Socati starting to produce broad spectrum cannabis products that can deliver a more powerful entourage effect, that may soon change.

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Bar & Restaurant

What Plant-Based Diets Mean for bars and Restaurants

Plant-based eating is making waves throughout the hospitality industry. Leveraging this trend can help bar and restaurant operators feed consumers' appetite for healthy, sustainable fare.

As Bar & Restaurant notes, "Plant-based diets and foods are no longer niche dining options—they've gone mainstream." Incorporating plant-based options and training team members on how to talk about them with confidence is key.

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