Social Standards in the News: Apr 2020

Daily MailThis month, our data on COVID-19's impact on the BevAl and Food & Beverage industries made headlines. Read on for quick hits about how coronavirus is changing consumer markets.

Daily Mail

US Alcohol Sales spike

The Daily Mail used Social Standards data in a report about a massive lift in alcohol sales due to coronavirus lockdowns. 

From the article:

"Market analytics firm Social Standards said that if social distancing measures continue into summer, the market will notice shifts in consumption habits. They concluded that products at risk of diminished sales include: canned wine, rosé, prosecco, hard seltzer, white rum, gin, Mexican beer, pale lager, and light lager."

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Modern Restaurant Management reported on Social Standards data showing that consumers are taking a break from trendy diets and sustainability. Instead, concerns about coronavirus are prompting a shift toward immune support, stress relief, and a desire to help local businesses.

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alcohol sales are up

Alcohol sales were up 22% for the week ending March 28, 2020, with both online and off-premise buying fueling the rise.

Forbes reported Social Standards data suggests that trend may persist into the summer months. "If social distancing continues into the summer, on-premise alcohol consumption will be practically non-existent."

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