Social Standards in the News: Aug 2019

Food Industry Executive incorporated Social Standards data in a piece on consumer attitudes about sugar.Social Standards data popped up all over this month! From attitudes toward sugar to what's driving healthy eating to increased interest in CBD, take a look at how our data is shedding light on new consumer trends.

Food Industry Executive

Consumers not sweet on sugar, according to social media conversations

Consumer diets are shifting away from sugar, but they're not abandoning the sweet stuff entirely. Instead, sweeteners like erythritol and xylitol are gaining ground as consumers look for low-calorie alternatives that won't pack on the pounds.

The conclusion: "Sugar reduction can be a complicated issue. But consumer demand and health considerations require that manufacturers look at what they can do to offer products with less sugar." 

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Winsight Grocery Business

Consumer Motivations for Health & Wellness Surge

Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert explored why shoppers are embracing health and wellness trends like keto and kombucha. Motivators like eating responsibly, avoiding allergens, losing weight, and staying carb conscious are among the top reasons consumers are shifting to new eating habits. 

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Considering a play in the cannabis sector? here's what you need to know

CBD is disrupting the CPG space, but what's really happening? Nielsen provided crucial insight into CBD's expected market size, its performance in brick-and-mortar stores, and the categories most likely to be impacted if regulation issues are resolved.

They note, "the budding cannabis market in the US has the potential to be a golden opportunity for traditional consumer brands or retailers," but understanding the space requires both regulatory and consumer savvy.

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