Social Standards in the News: Dec 2019


The Motley Fool used our data on cosmetic consumer demographics to analyze whether Kylie Cosmetics is a good investment for Ulta and Coty.

Our Beauty and Beverage Alcohol data earned press attention this month, with outlets like Brewbound, FSR Magazine, and The Motley Fool using our recent consumer insight reports to better understand market trends.

The Motley Fool

Kylie Jenner May Be the Ticket to Long-Lasting Success for Ulta and Coty Stock

With Gen Z spending less on makeup, the cosmetics industry has lots of questions about how best to target this elusive consumer segment. According to The Motley Fool, one potential tactic is to work with influencer/entrepreneurs like Kylie Jenner, who come with a built-in fan base thanks to social media.

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Hard Seltzer Less Seasonal in 2019; Drinkers Spend Nearly 2x as Much on Alcohol Than Average Consumers

Our partner Nielsen featured Social Standards data on hard seltzer trends during their presentation at Brewbound Live. Our analysis of consumer conversations shows that in the summer of 2018 hard seltzer consumers were interested in health benefits but they shifted focus to use occasions the following year.

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FSR Magazine

Why are People Drinking Less Craft Beer?

In this piece, FSR examined why consumer interest in craft beer is on the decline. Their conclusion? Increased focus on health and wellness—especially in relation to diet—is causing consumers to lose their taste for alcohol in general.

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