Release: Social Standards Joins Nielsen Connected Partner Program

Nielsen_connectedpartner_sealOAKLAND, CA - Oct. 19, 2017 - Social Standards announced today that it has joined Nielsen’s Connected Partner Program. As a connected partner, Social Standards’ integration of Nielsen data with its own data structure creates a combined service to offer to mutual clients. Social Standards is the first business intelligence company to completely integrate consumer social voice about intent and consumption with what is actually purchased, enabling a full, unaided, 360-degree consumer view. 

Powered by the combination of social and sales data, Social Standards clients now have the ability to look at sales trends relative to social trends and answer comprehensive questions around what the consumer is ‘saying,’ a crucial tool for today’s online environment.  Amplifying this synergistic relationship, the Social Standards Platform has already structured social data in a similar way to how Nielsen’s clients look at their syndicated sales data: from the brand up through product segments and then further up to the total category.  What this brings to data analysts and marketers is the ability to discover the most validated, data-driven insights to inform their next best move in the marketplace while objectively measuring marketing ROI.

“Joining the Nielsen Connected System and integrating their data was the next logical step for our business,” says Devon Bergman, CEO & Co-Founder of Social Standards. “When a company sees a change in sales, they naturally ask themselves ‘why?’ With the ability to combine both data sets, our clients can now find answers to their sales data questions and see which consumer and demographic factors contributed to the changes. Then use our core platform to take it a step further for a richer analysis of the consumers to understand what drives them.”

The Nielsen Connected Partner Program is an industry first solution that helps companies easily connect their network, discover new partners, and utilize the most robust retail and shopper data in the world. With the integration of this sales data, Social Standards clients in the retail and CPG industry can find comfort knowing that their data has been vetted and mapped per each unique market vertical from over 100 million uniquely identified consumers. This saves brands from having to manage and align data to actually making actionable data-driven decisions.



Social Standards is creating the next generation of market research tools to discover and deliver actionable business insights with complete & authentic analysis of social data. By taking a market vertical approach and integrating Nielsen sales data, Social Standards is quickly becoming the most trusted consumer voice measurement and marketing insights leader in industries such as Beverage Alcohol, Beauty, Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Quick Serve Restaurants, and more.

Founded in 2015 by veterans from Dolby and Gracenote, Social Standards has raised funding from the Band of Angels, New York Angels, and has a strategic investment from their pioneer customer, e.l.f. Cosmetics. Social Standards is headquartered in Oakland, California.