Release: Social Standards Adds Custom Data Overlay to Its Feature Set


OAKLAND, CA – Nov. 15, 2018  Social Standards, a leading consumer insights platform, today announced the addition of a groundbreaking new feature that enables companies to overlay custom data onto social and sales data. This feature enhances Social Standards’ position as a market leader in integrating diverse data sets to derive rich consumer insights.

By structuring qualitative social data from hundreds of millions of users, Social Standards makes it possible to marry social insights with additional data sets—including Nielsen sales data and client companies’ proprietary data—for an unparalleled understanding of consumers and markets.

“This is a game-changer for companies looking for meaningful intelligence about their consumers,” said Devon Bergman, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Standards. “Overlaying variables like proprietary sales data and ad spend onto social data about brands, products and even competitors results in an unprecedented level of insight and powerful comparative analytics that just aren’t possible otherwise.”

Other key features of Social Standards’ Consumer Analytics platform include trend analysis, cohort analysis, and detailed relational reporting that helps companies understand which brands, products, and benefits and concerns feature most prominently in consumer conversations on social media.

Social Standards also offers insight into social media influencers with its Influencer Analytics platform. Influencer Analytics allows companies to discover influencers and measure their efficacy by tracking their audience’s consumption of the brands and products they promote.



Social Standards is the next generation of market research. By structuring social data using a market vertical framework, Social Standards helps companies derive actionable business insights from consumer conversations. Social Standards is fast becoming the most trusted source of consumer voice and intelligence for a variety of industries, including beauty, personal care, beverage alcohol, food and beverage, quick serve restaurants and more. Founded in 2015, Social Standards is headquartered in Oakland, California.

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