Debunking Sentiment Analysis:
A COVID-19 Case Study

WEBINAR Recording: APRil 22, 2020

Do consumers love your new product, or think it’s a dud? How do they feel about your brand? How about your competitors' brands?? 

Ever since social media was recognized as a rich source for consumer data, analysts have been trying to measure the sentiment of consumer conversations. But the way humans speak—and post—on social media is nuanced, and traditional sentiment metrics may not be telling you the full story. 

In this webinar with Jordan Breslauer, VP of Data Analytics & Customer Success at Social Standards, we’ll be sharing a case study on how changes in consumer conversation due to COVID-19 reveal the need for a better way to gauge consumer sentiment.

In this webinar you’ll:

  • Learn how consumer sentiment is traditionally measured—and why you may be missing out on key insights.  
  • Discover a different approach that can help you understand your consumers' true sentiments with greater accuracy.
  • Gain insights into how a more nuanced approach can help you identify new opportunities for innovation and expansion.

Presented by:

Jordan Breslauer
VP of Data Analytics & Customer Success
Social Standards