Super Bowl Snacks & Beverages: The Products & Brands Winning Big on Game Day

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Cyndy Willis-Chun on 1/31/20 2:36 PM

Whether you’re a serious football fan or you’re just in it for the commercials, half the fun of the Super Bowl is indulging in food and drink. But which products and brands do consumers mention most when they’re talking about the big game on social media?

We took a look at 2019 data to find out what consumers are eating, drinking, and posting about around the Super Bowl.

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Beer & the Super Bowl are basically synonymous

Looking at BevAl Super Bowl conversations (that's the outer circle), beer is clearly fans' beverage of choice, though spirits are holding their own:  


Beer has a far greater share of Super Bowl conversations than wine, spirits, or other types of alcohol.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


In 2019, beer dominated BevAl-focused Super Bowl conversations, with more mentions than wine, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages (e.g., cider and hard seltzer) combined. Overall, 57% of Super Bowl conversations about BevAl topics mention beer, making it the big game’s MVP.


Craft beer and lager—categories that may well overlap—were beer's biggest players in the 2019 Super Bowl.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


Looking at the types of beer most mentioned in Super Bowl conversations last year, lagers clearly won the day. As a whole, they accounted for nearly a third of beer mentions, though ale and IPA are key supporting players.

Shifting to spirits, whiskey earned slightly more share than light lager, making it the top spirit associated with the Super Bowl in 2019.


Whiskey was the clear winner, but vodka and tequila weren't far behind.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


When it comes to spirits, there's no star player. While whiskey earned mentions in 7% of BevAl conversations about the big game, vodka and tequila weren’t far behind with around 4% share each. This suggests that spirits consumers are interested in variety at their Super Bowl parties.

If you thought wine wouldn’t make a showing, think again. Within wine mentions, sparkling wine was especially prevalent in 2019 Super Bowl conversations, with nearly 3% share.


Bubbly options took top billing in consumers' conversations about wine related to Super Bowl 2019.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


Still, it’s clear that consumers were way more interested in hearty reds and popping bottles than in delicate whites and rosés, both of which were featured in less than 1% of BevAl Super Bowl conversations. 

Finally, we have to give a little love to BevAl's special teams:


Hard cider and malt beverages had relatively small share in 2019 Super Bowl conversations. The one to watch for in 2020 is hard seltzer, which saw meteoric growth last summer.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


Like white wine and rosé, hard cider and hard seltzer both appeared in less than 1% of Beverage Alcohol conversations about the Super Bowl. However, given White Claw’s ascendence over the summer and the fact that this is Bud Light Seltzer’s rookie season, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this category come from behind in 2020.


Food & Bev brands: Big variety means small share

If there’s one thing that characterizes Food & Beverage-focused conversations about the Super Bowl, it’s variety. While plenty of brands, dishes, and ingredients pop up in consumer posts, even the most-mentioned topics have limited share because the menu of options is so massive.


Beverage brands captured the most F&B Super Bowl conversation share in 2019.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


Let’s take beverages as an example. Beverages—remember, we’re now looking at Food & Beverage, not alcohol—as a whole captured 13% conversation share, with soda making up 4% of that total. The largest blue bubble above belongs to the brand with the largest share (just 3%!!!) of 2019 Food & Beverage Super Bowl conversations.

Which beverage brand scored big last year? Take a look:


Pepsi's share of 2019 Super Bowl conversations was nearly three times that of its closest competitor.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


Pepsi was the clear winner, with nearly three times the conversation share of Coca-Cola. While we can’t know whether Coke’s decision not to advertise during the big game was a factor, we’ll be interested to see how 2020 shakes out.

Turning to snack brands, Doritos took the lead with around 1% share of Food & Beverage Super Bowl conversations.


Salty snack options dominated 2019 Super Bowl conversations.
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


Oreo was the only sweet snack to capture much conversation share, suggesting that consumers associate salty goodness much more strongly with the big game.

Finally we come to restaurants, a category where what’s not on the list is just as interesting as what is: 


McDonald's, Burger King, and Starbucks were the top restaurants mentioned in 2019 Super Bowl posts. 
Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Feb 2019.


Notice anything “missing”? Neither Domino’s nor Pizza Hut cracked the top five for share of Super Bowl conversations (though they did make it into the top 10). We didn't expect to see Starbucks on the list, but perhaps consumers were looking for a quick caffeine hit on the way to or from a party.

Including Uber Eats on the restaurant list could be a controversial call, but we think it's important to highlight as an underdog. Though its share of Super Bowl conversations was extremely limited, its presence on the list could signal that delivery has expanded beyond pizza, even for the big game.



With brands paying out up to $5.6 million for ads during the game and American consumers spending more than $1.2 billion on beer in the two weeks before and $17.2 billion overall, the Super Bowl is big business.

While Hail Marys sometimes result in big gains, updating your brand’s playbook is essential for really understanding your consumers and for turning them from fair-weather fans to die-hard loyalists.

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This post focuses on two market verticals—Beverage Alcohol and Food & Beverage—and looks at which brands and products consumers mention most alongside the Super Bowl on social media within each vertical.

When looking at the data, be wary of drawing comparisons across verticals because of drastically different conversation volumes. Our BevAl dataset for this post is around 35,000 posts, while our Food & Beverage dataset is around 89,000.

The findings here are based on conversation share, meaning:


The result reflects the BevAl categories and Food & Beverage brands that were talked about most often in relation to the Super Bowl during February 2019.

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