Social Media Is Buzzing About Keto And Diet Soda – Are You Listening?

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Jordan Breslauer on 10/2/18 11:25 AM

At first glance, diet soda, in all its zero-carb, zero-sugar glory seems like a match made in keto heaven. However, big brand beverage distributors have yet to aggressively target the ketogenic diet demographic, opting instead for a more "wait and see" approach on the opportunities this latest diet craze may bring to market. Wait and see no more; Social Standard's 6-month study has discovered tangible proof that keto is more than a passing fad and keto followers are thirsty for more than seltzer water. It's officially time for diet soda brands to move off of the sidelines and get into the keto marketing game.

Breaking Down The Keto Diet Basics

The ketogenic diet is rapidly gaining popularity across a wide swath of demographics nationally. Often referred to simply as "keto," this nutritional regime dramatically decreases carbohydrate intake, fueling the body almost entirely on fat to achieve the highly coveted state of ketosis. Once in ketosis, the body simultaneously lowers insulin levels while launching overall fat burning, often resulting in weight loss, reduced hunger sensations, and increased energy levels. 

Ketogenic Eating: Just Another Low Carb Fad?

Recent statistics prove that the keto program is more than just the latest low carb/high-fat eating fad. At Social Standards, we've discovered that since January 2018, the overall number of shared social media conversations focusing on keto has consistently increased. Additionally, our research shows that nearly 1% of all beverage conversations actually mention ketogenic, indicating that this diet may have long-term staying power as followers integrate the plan into their daily routines and lifestyles. 

People Want To Follow Keto – And They Also Want To Drink Diet Soda 

Yes, as with virtually any eating plan, the keto diet outlines various food and beverage restrictions that participants must follow to consistently achieve ketosis and lose weight. However, keto diet participants are continually seeking new ways to include their favorite foods and drinks in their menus to minimize feelings of deprivation and successfully stay on plan for as long as possible.
One popular item that continuously surfaces across multiple platforms in direct reference to digital ketogenic conversations? Diet soda.
Social Standards recently studied the increasing popularity of ketogenic eating and discovered that keto is rising in relevant social media posts in two significant ways:
  • Ketogenic has the highest percentage point growth in share of beverage posts over the last six months
  • Ketogenic has the highest percentage point growth in share of dietary conversations over the last six months
Our 6-month raw data capture revealed the following statistics and trend insights from January-July 2018:
Keto Diet Soda Blog 6 month change 
Additionally, Social Standards examined which beverage brands is the ketogenic topic most integral to the conversations of:
Keto Diet Soda Blog Beverage Brands


Proper Messaging Can Catapult Low Carb Beverages Into The Keto Beverage Conversation 

People are simultaneously talking about the keto plan and the inclusion of various beverages as part of the program, offering a unique opportunity for diet soda brands. At Social Standards, we believe our data suggests that it's not only time for these brands to start listening in on the diet drink/keto buzz; it's officially time for them to join the conversation. Proper messaging will enable diet beverage companies to participate in the dialogue as well as help companies with various drink products deliver the information needed to influence future keto consumer trends and purchases.
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