Moringa Trends - More than a superfood?

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Kevin Byrne on 5/18/18 11:00 AM

A Close Look at Moringa's Rising Popularity

The Moringa plant has recently seen a significant surge in popularity across social media platforms. Predicted to become one of the next big trends in the health industry by both Time Magazine and The Huffington Post, the conversation volume for the plant has increased by 15.8% between January and April of 2018 on Instagram alone.

Moringa Conversation VolumeSocial insights like this can help brands understand how moringa is being consumed, and how the trend changes over time. For example, a current trend shows a large number of social media posts that include moringa also include mentions of smoothies or tea. While these remain the most popular compliments to moringa in the food space, things are slowly starting to change. As moringa becomes more mainstream, it's starting to show up alongside a variety of other foods and beverages. By capturing these trends, marketing can be more accurately targeted toward likely users.

How is Moringa being consumed, and what is it being paired with? 

A few foods that have seen a significant increase in shared social media space with moringa over the first quarter of 2018 include chocolate, yogurt, and almond based products, like butter and milk. Consumers are also combining stevia (a sweetener) with moringa in their morning coffees more frequently. Much like tea and smoothies, many of these foods and beverages are part of people’s morning routines, indicating that moringa is becoming a morning staple. There's also an upward trend with appetizers and desserts, suggesting that this superfood is finding its way into many parts of the day.


What about the future?

There's a lot of opportunity for what Time Magazine said “will quite possibly become the next quinoa.”  

Take kombucha for example. In April of 2018, Kombucha was seen in 0.96% of all moringa conversations. This is approximately five times higher than the rate at which kombucha was associated with the average object in the food and beverage category. Given that those that talk about moringa talk about kombucha even more frequently in other conversations, there is ample room for growth for moringa's popularity. We can see that 4.03% of consumers posting about moringa also posted about kombucha in any conversation in April. Since the moringa consumer is also typically interested in kombucha, moringa could be a successful flavor/additive for kombucha producers. 

Functional Foods Are on the Rise

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