2019’s Hottest Gifts in Beauty & Fashion

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Cyndy Willis-Chun on 12/18/19 10:13 AM

With holiday shopping in full swing, we turned to our Market Insights data to find out which products and brands consumers are most hype about this holiday season. 

Here are the most popular products in Beauty and Fashion that consumers are talking about in connection with gifting:

Top 5 Gifts in Beauty: Products

Top Beauty Products for Gifting: Lipstick, False Eyelashes, Facials, Eyebrow Products, EyeshadowData Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Dec 2019


Lipstick is mentioned most often when it comes to gifts, but the buzz about Facials isn’t far behind. In fact, consumer interest in facials as gifts is up more than 40% this year, driven largely by treatments like microneedling, dermaplaning, dermabrasion, and skin peels.

This is consistent with growing consumer interest in treatments that are higher cost and more invasive but that also yield longer-lasting returns than traditional creams and ointments. 

Additionally, the fact that facials beat out both manicures and pedicures in terms of gift conversations suggests that facials are increasingly viewed as a regular part of consumers’ beauty regimens—and one that’s acceptable for gifting.

Top 5 Gifts in Beauty: Brands

Top Beauty Brands for Gifting: Sephora, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, and AvedaData Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Dec 2019


Looking at the brands consumers discuss most often in terms of gifting, Sephora tops the list, no doubt due to its diverse array of brands, products, and price points.

Next on the list are prestige cosmetics brands including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, and MAC Cosmetics. That comes as no surprise, as nearly 4% of Beauty conversations about gifts mention “luxury,” indicating that consumers want to give—or perhaps receive?—something special during the holiday season.


Top 5 Gifts in Fashion: Products

Top Fashion Products for Gifting: Jewelry, Bags, Shirts, Fragrance, Bottoms.Data Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Dec 2019


Consumers whose gift lists include someone interested in Fashion definitely have jewelry on the brain. It’s not only the most talked about product on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, jewelry tops the list here as well, coming up in nearly 25% of conversations about gifts.

Jewelry may be losing its shine, however. It’s down 20% since December 2018 in relation to gifts, suggesting that consumers are moving away from baubles in favor of items like bags and fragrance, both of which have seen significant growth in gift conversations this holiday season. 

Why are jewelry, bags, and fragrance so popular for gifting? Again, interest in luxury and designer items is high around the holidays, though it’s likely that the “one-size-fits-(almost)-all” nature of these products also makes them a safe bet.


Top 5 Gifts in Fashion: Brands

Top Fashion Brands for Gifting: Nike, Apple, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, ChanelData Source: Social Standards Market Insights - Global, Dec 2019


Luxury continues to influence gifts when it comes to fashion brands, with Louis Vuitton and Chanel both earning enough conversation share to appear in the top 5. Athletic brands Nike and Adidas both make the list as well, indicating a range in both consumer tastes and (potentially) price points.

That Apple landed in second place might seem like a mistake at first glance, but looking again, the placement makes sense. Apple is up 14% in conversations about Fashion gifts this year, thanks in no small part to the Apple Watch and AirPods, some of 2019’s must-have accessories. 

In fact, wearables in general are up nearly 200% in gifting conversations about Fashion, suggesting that the line between tech and style is increasingly porous—a development we’ll be watching in 2020.



Despite stereotypical grumblings about getting socks and underwear for the holidays, our data shows that by and large, consumers are looking for a little luxury when it comes to gifting. 

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