Top Brands & Products for Halloween 2019

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Cyndy Willis-Chun on 10/24/19 5:00 AM

Trick-or-treat time is upon us, which means consumers have sugar-filled revelry and elaborate costumes on their minds. We got curious about the treats and looks we’re most likely to encounter this October 31st, but we didn’t need a crystal ball to find out.

Instead, we conjured up data-driven answers by analyzing millions of public social media posts. Read on to learn the top brands, products, and more for Halloween 2019!

Methodology Matters

Before we dive in, it's worth noting that this data reflects not just what people are talking about most this October, but the topics consumers most strongly associate specifically with Halloween.

Why does that matter? Unless your brand is one of the few that can cut the time from conception to launch down to mere weeks, understanding which products are perennial consumer favorites is an important part of planning your holiday assortment.

While betting on trendy new offerings can lead to massive wins, providing tried and true options alongside potentially lucrative newcomers is a smart way to capture consumers' hearts—and dollars.

1. Top Treats for Halloween 2019

Candy takes top billing in consumers’ minds when it comes to Halloween treats, but baked goods come in a close second:

A list of the top 5 Halloween treats for 2019: 1) Candy corn, 2) Cupcakes, 3) Sugar cookies, 4) Lollipops, 5) Donuts.

Love it or hate it, candy corn tops the list of treats consumers most strongly associate with Halloween. But with baked goods taking up three of the top five spots, it's likely that consumers have their minds on parties as much as trick-or-treating. 

2. Top Alcoholic Products for Halloween

While kid-friendly options are certainly crowd-pleasers, the over-21 set may be more interested in treats of an alcoholic nature:

Top Halloween Alcohol: 1) Seasonal beer, 2) Spiced rum, 3) Hard seltzer, 4) Absinthe, 5) Tequila

Fall favorites like seasonal beer and spiced rum make obvious sense here, as do “themed” options like absinthe.

The real standout, though, is hard seltzer, which is currently disrupting the Beverage Alcohol market—we revealed one big reason why in a previous blog post—and which wasn’t really on consumers’ radars for Halloween in 2018. Times and tastes change, so expect to see plenty of parties and bars encouraging would-be werewolves to sharpen their White Claws this year.

3. Top Looks for Halloween 2019

Sure, you’re likely to see plenty of Pennywise costumes this year, but which costumes are top of mind for consumers thinking about Halloween? Our data shows that the classics are among the most popular options:

Halloween Looks

While traditional spooky options like witches and vampires are always safe bets, the goth look is definitely en vogue this year. Social conversations mentioning goth and Halloween topics have grown almost 70% since last year, which could be related to the current cultural obsession with ‘90s nostalgia.

4. Top Styles for Halloween 2019

That late-last-century aesthetic is also evident in the styles consumers are talking about this Halloween:

Halloween Styles


Consumer interest in both alternative and grunge has grown significantly in relation to Halloween since 2018. Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll see vampires decked out in velvet and flannel with combat boots this year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see witches that look more like the ladies from The Craft and less like something out of The Wizard of Oz.

5. Top Makeup Looks for Halloween

When it comes to Beauty, our data indicates that consumers are looking to break away from the everyday with striking cosmetics styles that likely complement their costumes:

Halloween Makeup Looks


While mainstream beauty brands are more likely to be used for less involved costumes, to achieve otherworldly results consumers are turning to niche brands that specialize in stage and effects makeup including Mehron, Ben Nye, and Skin Illustrator.

Special effects makeup ranges from gore to complete facial transformation, and illusion makeup takes this wizardry to a whole other level. Cosmetics influencer RJ Tulloch has mastered this approach, creating uncanny optical illusions like this one:

Incredible illusion makeup from RJ Tulloch, aka cakefacerj on Instagram

Source: RJ Tulloch, @cakefacerj

Looking for more incredible influencers? Check out our Top Beauty Influencer reports for profiles of makeup artists like RJ Tulloch and the audiences that can’t get enough of their work!

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6. Top Haircare Brands for Halloween

Of course, no costume is complete without hair to match. Our analysis suggests that consumers are particularly interested in haircare brands that deliver a seriously colorful punch:

Halloween Haircare Brands


All of these hair color brands offer an array of vibrant shades, suggesting that consumers think of Halloween as something to dye for, and they want options that go way beyond blonde and brunette.


Whether your brand is looking for ways to connect with consumers around holidays or interested in owning other types of occasions, social data provides crucial clues about what buyers want and how you can tailor your offerings to their interest. 

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