Debunking the Word Cloud

Posted by Vladimir Bagdanov on 3/6/18 8:49 AM

Even the best tool applied to the wrong problem could be much worse than a mediocre one used under the right circumstances. This is exactly the case in point with the word cloud – a ubiquitous data visualization tool that has been around since the 1990s only gaining in popularity and acceptance ever since.

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Interview with Devon Bergman, CEO & Co-Founder of Social Standards

Posted by Social Standards on 1/9/18 3:13 PM

This piece was originally publish by Laurence Faguer on her blog here.

Interview: Devon Bergman, CEO of Social Standards, the first business intelligence company to completely integrate consumer social voice with what is actually purchased

“The champions will be the one mastering data analytics. «Social Standards» is one of the solutions.’’ Described as it by Odile Roujol, advisor and business angel in San Francisco, in an article called ‘Who are the next beauty champions.” I knew I had to meet Devon Bergman, the CEO and co-founder of Social Standards, headquartered in Oakland, California.

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Social Intelligence: How Twitter and Instagram Deliver the Consumer’s Voice

Posted by Devon Bergman on 12/6/17 5:00 AM

Every business owner knows the immense value of social media data, but few have figured out how to harness its full potential, especially as it relates to the voice of the consumer. The first step to interpreting this voice is to understand the best platforms for analysis. 

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